Our mission

We recognise that our continued success will be based on trust and respect at all levels, achievement for our clients, taking personal responsibility, demonstrating integrity and being transparent in everything we do.
We are working to develop FCP into the UK’s leading independent supplier of strategic consulting services in the international public transport market.


Working with FCP: Our Foundation Principles

We recognise that our continued success will be assured best through consistent adherence to positive principles which are integral to everything we do. Accordingly, we encourage and expect our clients to judge our services by our seven foundation principles:

1. We prioritise integrity & transparency

Our success in supporting clients comes from openness. Our default position is to share everything we can, and to speak candidly. We give clients a straightforward picture of our capabilities and believe that this approach is essential to building long standing, collaborative business relationships.

2. We focus on client ambitions and goals

Implicit in everything we do is a belief that prioritising our clients’ ambitions and goals is the very best way to realise our own. We work tirelessly to put our clients first and, as a result, we enjoy  long-standing relationships with public and private sector clients.

3. We maximise sustainability, diversity & inclusion

Whether advising a client or looking at how we run our own operations, sustainability, diversity and inclusion are critical to us. We are always working to improve what we do – by reducing our negative impacts on the planet and maximising the extent to which FCP is genuinely welcoming to all.

4. We invest in partnerships & collaboration

We are committed to maintaining a collaborative approach and culture. We work continually to improve our partnerships and collaborations. We identify and implement improvements by regularly auditing our business processes and by soliciting and acting on feedback from those organisations and individuals with whom we collaborate.

5. We deploy highly experienced, independent advisors

We want to make a significant impact on the expertise and experience available to our clients as they tackle transport challenges. So, we work hard to identify, prepare and deploy teams of relevant experts who bring complementary experience gained in hands-on management of transport organisations and operations.

6. We seek out and invest in value-adding innovations

We want to be recognised as a consistent source of new and transformational ideas. We track new technologies and methodologies – in transport and other markets around the world.

7. We proactively manage risks

We see the management and mitigation of risks – both to our clients and to our service delivery – as a core part of our work. FCP management meetings involve the review and identification of risk, and the proactive sourcing of effective mitigation and solution.

Our leadership team

Ian Horseman Sewell photo
Ian Horseman Sewell
Jonathan Barwick photo
Jonathan Barwick
Chief Operating Officer (External)

Our history

In 1996, a group of board-level leaders from the recently-privatised UK rail industry came together to form FCP: First Class Partnerships.

Our aim was to bring the combined weight of our know-how, networks and experience to bear on public transport issues both in this country and overseas. Our focus was, and remains, on delivering great outcomes for funders, suppliers, operators, governments and passengers.

We believe passionately that public transportation is at the heart of a country’s infrastructure and that improved capacity and better connectivity between cities and nations boosts trade, and creates growth and prosperity. Our belief is backed up by research from the World Bank which has shown that infrastructure developments have contributed more to rising wealth worldwide than other structural growth policies.

Since 1996, FCP has worked on major transport projects across the world, advising regional and national governments, railway, bus and aviation operators, regulatory agencies, investors, equipment manufacturers and infrastructure contractors, in more than 30 countries.

We have become Trusted Advisors in Transport, supporting industry partners around the world with practical advice and effective and innovative solutions, often working on tough projects that have defeated others. We have saved governments and taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds through our innovative solutions.

Our experience spans intercity and high-speed rail, light rail, metros, commuter/suburban rail, regional rail, freight, airports, bus and coach.

Our roots are in the UK transport industry… our work is global.