Bids and Business Planning

We have prepared bids and business plans for franchises, freight and passenger railways, and railway capital projects. We find ways to enhance value for money, while reducing costs and improving services and increasing revenues.


We work alongside specialist transport and infrastructure lawyers to develop and negotiate viable contracts for delivery of the operation, maintenance, construction and equipping of transport networks.


Our consultants understand the cost inputs and dynamics in passenger and freight rail, including rolling stock procurement, operations and maintenance, loading and staffing. We also understand the impact on cost of infrastructure changes / upgrades, and industry driven costs (e.g. performance regimes).


We help clients solve complex commercial challenges, understand the financial impact of complex problems and secure new capital for transport projects. We also advise on transaction structures and undertake due diligence.

Major Projects

We prepare Feasibility Studies and supervise engineers preparing plans for railway upgrading, electrification and for new railways. We identify ways to improve economic and financial viability, reduce costs and risks, mobilise and manage resources, accelerate delivery and increase benefits to improve overall value.

Management and Operations

Our consultants have practical experience operating all types of rail businesses; organising staff and equipment for maximum efficiency. It is this proven operating capability that has enabled us to act as Operator of Last Resort for a number of responsible Authorities.

Marketing and Revenues

Our commercial and finance teams are able to build advanced revenue models and forecasts and we are regularly relied on to develop initiatives for new revenue sources and for improved revenue protection.

Public Private Partnerships

We provide expert advice on the structuring and implementation of transport PPPs. Our consultants do so by drawing on experience gained during preparation and evaluation of over 50 heavy rail, light rail, metro and bus franchises in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Procurement Management

We are experienced in specifying, procuring, refurbishing and maintaining all types of railway systems, including infrastructure, control systems and rolling stock. FCP is also experienced in supporting and designing the procurement of rail franchises / concessions.

Safety and Performance

We develop and review safety and performance plans. Our Partners are regularly retained as expert witnesses and independent auditors.

Stakeholder Engagement

Drawing on our extensive, international networks in public transport, we are relied on to devise and implement stakeholder engagement programmes for procurers, operators, systems vendors and contractors.