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Joined by several guests, FCP attended the Welsh Transport Forum’s annual dinner on November 4. This event brings together leading organisations involved in the development of investment programmes sponsored by the Welsh Government to improve public transport connectivity in Wales.

FCP is involved in the Core Valley Lines electrification project and associated infrastructure enhancement, which will form part of the South Wales Metro network. Additionally, FCP has promoted the development of the North Wales coastal route with a submission to the Union Connectivity Review (UCR).

Endorsed by the UCR team, the submission highlighted the impact that poor-quality rail services have on the economic performance of the coastal towns served. There is provision for future funding to undertake the required strategic business case as a prelude to longer term investment.

Watching presentations at Welsh Transport Forum event

Presentations at Welsh Transport Forum event.

Several stakeholders joined FCP at the event, including presentations from Transport for Wales and Network Rail. Current and future goals in the overall development of the Welsh railway system were also outlined.