East West Railway link to re-open in mid-2020’s


The closure of the railway between Oxford and Cambridge in 1967 was much...

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North Wales Needs Improved Rail Services and HS2 Connectivity


A Policy Forum meeting for Wales was held on 24th January at Wrexham and...

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Record Passenger Numbers but New Ticketing Structure Needed


Ticket prices are again in the news because of the annual New-Year price...

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Rail Freight Well Placed to Respond to Brexit Outcome


Recent Brexit discussions over the future of British import and exports will be...

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Terms of Reference for Rail Review Published


The UK Department for Transport (DfT) has announced the terms of reference for...

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Cross Country Franchise Competition Scrapped as Rail Review Announced


As reported in our last media article, although the Department for Transport...

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Cross Country Franchise Consultation


A new contract for the operation of Cross Country services is scheduled to...

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Market Led Investment Proposals Sought


During 2017, FCP advised DfT Rail Group on how to maximise third-party funding...

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CP6 Delivery Challenge


A mammoth amount of money has been set aside by the Government for improving...

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Hydrogen Powered Trains are a Reality


The Government has set an objective to remove all diesel-powered trains from...

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West of England Franchise Proposed


The £5.6 billion renewal of infrastructure on the Great Western route which...

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Network Rail Matrix Organisation Adopted


The devolved structure adopted by Network Rail as part of the Strategic...

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Outsourcing Needs Expert Buyers


The collapse of Carillion, one of Network Rail’s largest suppliers and a...

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East Coast Early Franchise Termination


The UK Department for Transport has decided there will be an early franchise...

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Community Rail Volunteers Win Backing


Volunteering has a long history in a wide range a public life in Britain and...

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HS2 Connectivity Funded by Government


The route geography for HS2 has been finalised together with the location of...

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Network Rail Funding

Future Network Rail Funding


The Future Network Rail Funding The collapse of Railtrack plc in 2001 as a...

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Smart Ticketing

The Benefits of Smart Ticketing


Benefits of Smart Ticketing People think of the digital railway in terms of...

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Rail Transport Specialist

NEXT STOP, THE WORLD — Railway Transport Toronto


Michael Schabas – Railway Transport Toronto Tomos Lewis reporting from...

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Four Qualified Bidders For South Eastern Franchise


Four Qualified Bidders For South Eastern Franchise Public consultation to...

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Rail Passenger Numbers Fall


There was an unexpected 0.5% fall in journeys on Britain’s railways in the...

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Government in Wales seeks value for money bids


A new Wales & Borders 15-year franchise contract will commence in October 2018...

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First MTR win South Western on quality score


It had originally been intended that a contract extension to 2019 would be...

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Views sought on South Eastern Franchise


The Department for Transport in Britain has started the process to award the...

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FCP promotes Alliances and Collaboration


Rail privatisation in Britain was based on the track authority model with...

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Digital Railway funding approval


To speed up implementation of Network Rail’s Digital Railway additional...

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Passenger demand increase slows


Statistics published by the UK Office of Rail and Road show that the increase...

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UK Government plots freight strategy


Railfreight operations in Britain have a 12% market share of freight surface...

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Scotland needs more capacity


Passenger numbers in Scotland have doubled in the last two decades reaching 96...

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Fleet expansion planned as user satisfaction declines


Train operators in Britain are struggling to maintain levels of passenger...

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East Coast track access approvals


Britain’s East Coast rail route is one of two core arteries that link England...

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Rail Growth in Wales


The future growth in demand for passenger services in Wales has been reviewed...

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Shaw Report: Private Capital needed and greater route autonomy


The capacity enhancement programme being carried out by Network Rail has been...

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Flying Scotsman restoration success


First Class Partnerships congratulates the Science Museum Group (SMG) and the...

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Rail devolution in England


The UK Government is increasing the level of devolved authority for the...

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7.4% Annualised Revenue Growth


In the last 12 months, income from fares has risen by 7.4% for British...

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FCP leads public transit debate in Ontario


Toronto was once a global leader in transit. Why can’t the city now learn...

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CP5 funding enhanced by £2.5 billion


Capital spending on rail projects has been increased by £2.5 billion to ensure...

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The Railway Ball presents Soul City Event


FCP hosted guests in Central London at the annual Railway Ball on 27 November...

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Electrification cost escalation and delay


The cost of the programme to electrify the Great Western Main Line between...

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Network Rail needs funding alternatives


In a presentation to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Rail Group on 15 September,...

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West Coast open access services approved


The UK Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has approved an application by the Great...

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CMA reviews barriers to UK rail competition


The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published a discussion paper...

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Congestion fears as demand rises


The demand for UK passenger rail services in the 12 months to December rose by...

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UK political priorities emerge


Manifestos published by the main political parties in the UK continue to...

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FCP Executive Forum looks at business continuity in rail


The first FCP Executive Forum of 2015 took place in London on 11 March over...

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UK franchise margins fall to 1.9%


The Office of Rail Regulation analyses the income and operating cost for the...

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FCP chosen as Crossrail 2 advisor


Crossrail 2 is a £27.5 billion project to connect existing rail routes in...

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Scrutiny of UK rolling stock procurement


The all-party Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has published the...

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East Coast award sets new standards in UK franchise competitions


On 10 November 2014, the Government confirmed the contract with Intercity...

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UK AirRail: Connecting for Growth


Michael Schabas discussed rail connectivity at UK airports with focus on hub...

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Track management programme on East Coast Main Line


FCP has been appointed by Network Rail to assess all aspects of decision making...

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Benchmarking for Dummies – Maybe the UK rail industry is not as inefficient as some think


Michael Schabas responds to the UK Government's "The McNulty Report" in an...

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Alignment and collaboration in a modern transport industry


At a seminar organised by the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport,...

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Mass transit rail in Lagos


Steven Hoskins is leading procurement including electrification, train control,...

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Lagos state governor inspects Toronto trains for new rail system


Michael Schabas leads Governor Babatunde Fashola and state officials on a tour...

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