Our mission

We recognise that our continued success will be based on trust and respect at all levels, achievement for our clients, taking personal responsibility, demonstrating integrity and being transparent in everything we do.

Our values

We strive always to do business in line with a clear set of values that should underpin our every action.


Trust is essential to long standing, collaborative business relationships that weather the ups and downs and give us a healthy perception of what we are and what we aren’t.


Respect is the basis of human dignity and generates esteem, fairness and recognition. We recognise that it requires open and honest communication.


Achievement is the goal of both individual and collective activity and can be measured by results. It underpins our differentiation and independence in a competitive market.


Responsibility is central to our behaviour towards our clients, employees, associates and stakeholders. It involves properly conducting our research and then standing behind our advice. It also means setting a good example and leads to recognition and acceptance of FCP as Trusted Advisors.


Integrity is non-negotiable if we are to maintain credibility. It obliges us to keep our promises and also means being prepared and able to say no.


Transparency should always be our instinctive approach and makes our actions understandable, helps establish reliability in our methods and creates the best environment for people to take and accept responsibility.

Our leadership team

Ian Horseman Sewell photo
Ian Horseman Sewell
Managing Director
Mary Bonar photo
Mary Bonar
Michael Schabas photo
Michael Schabas
John Self OBE photo
John Self OBE
Geoff Smith photo
Geoff Smith
Jonathan Barwick photo
Jonathan Barwick
Chief Operating Officer (External)

Our history

In 1996, a group of board-level leaders from the recently-privatised UK rail industry came together to form FCP: First Class Partnerships.

Our aim was to bring the combined weight of our know-how, networks and experience to bear on public transport issues both in this country and overseas. Our focus was, and remains, on delivering great outcomes for funders, suppliers, operators, governments and passengers.

We believe passionately that public transportation is at the heart of a country’s infrastructure and that improved capacity and better connectivity between cities and nations boosts trade, and creates growth and prosperity. Our belief is backed up by research from the World Bank which has shown that infrastructure developments have contributed more to rising wealth worldwide than other structural growth policies.

Since 1996, FCP has worked on major transport projects across the world, advising regional and national governments, railway, bus and aviation operators, regulatory agencies, investors, equipment manufacturers and infrastructure contractors, in more than 30 countries.

We have become Trusted Advisors in Transport, supporting industry partners around the world with practical advice and effective and innovative solutions, often working on tough projects that have defeated others. We have saved governments and taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds through our innovative solutions.

Our experience spans intercity and high-speed rail, light rail, metros, commuter/suburban rail, regional rail, freight, airports, bus and coach.

Our roots are in the UK transport industry… our work is global.